David Swann: Artist Statement

"For me art is more than a personalized record of reality, it is interpreting reality in the context of a much larger vision, it is revealing a world of promise and yes, even sometimes a world of compromise. It is a world in which we ultimately come to grips with knowing our place."

"I have always been fascinated by Dadaism and the surrealists. The first work I ever exhibited in a commercial art gallery was an attempt to illustrate the relevance of a work like Michelangelo's Pieta in the impersonal "industrialized" age of the 1960's. I have since come to peace with my Dadaist "antagonists," engaging technology not as an intrusive device but as an interpretive medium much like a canvas or a blank piece of paper."

"Recently I revisited an earlier exercise-- experimenting with different methods of faithfully rendering previous constructed images on a myriad of pervious surfaces, including wood, synthetic materials, raw canvases and even handmade papers."

"One of the things I found exciting about this adventure is that it comfortably brings together age-old processes (i.e., that of making paper) and today's technology. And, in doing so, dispels one of the dire predictions of Dadaism: that the industrial age and its encroaching technologies would render art meaningless and rob us of our spirituality."

"It is my belief that if anything, digital technology is just another contemporary tool at the artists' disposal, and in the hands of caring custodians it allows us the freedom to more fully explore our inner voices and gives us another means by which to preserve and ultimately share our discoveries with larger audiences and future generations."

"I work in various media: photography being just one of them. Although I occasionally work in traditional photography (albeit digital these days), most of my works deal with what I like to call other realities."

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