In Search of the Elusive Magritte
Surrealism Revisited

René Magritte once described his works as "evoking mystery." He said when people looked at one of his paintings, they would often ask this simple question: "What does that mean?" to which Magritte would reply: "It does not mean anything, because mystery means nothing either, it is unknowable."

Magritte often executed works that contained an extraordinary juxtaposition of ordinary objects or placed them in an unusual context that gave them new meaning. This juxtaposition is frequently called magic realism, of which Magritte was the prime exponent.

The twenty-four 16" x 20" works are composed of photographed elements, archival pigments and mixed-media on paper and heavy particle board. They revisit David's earlier interests in surrealism.

Sometimes "tongue-and-cheek" and sometimes visually poignant, the pieces in this portfolio are purposeful exercises exploring the minimalist approach to creating 'mystery' while constructing a mild, sometimes admittedly 'meaningless' social commentary.

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